Empowering Orangutans and Communities

Blossom's Animal Sanctuary Programs

At Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary, we champion the well-being of orangutans, fostering their wild instincts, supporting local communities, and offering lifelong care for those who need it most.


Rehabilitation and Release Program

At Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary, we believe that orangutans belong in the wild. That’s why we have a comprehensive rehabilitation and release program for rescued orangutans. Our experienced team works closely with each orangutan to develop the skills needed for survival in the wild, including climbing, foraging, and socializing. Once an orangutan is deemed ready, we work with government agencies and local communities to release them into protected forests where they can live freely.

Community Outreach Program

Protecting orangutans and their habitat requires the cooperation of local communities. That’s why Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary has a community outreach program, which focuses on education and awareness-raising. We work with local schools, community groups, and government agencies to promote sustainable development practices and conservation initiatives. Through this program, we hope to create a more sustainable future for both orangutans and the communities that share their habitat.

Lifelong Care Program

Not all orangutans are able to be released back into the wild. Some are too injured or traumatized to survive on their own. At Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary, we provide lifelong care for these orangutans, ensuring that they live in a safe and comfortable environment for the rest of their lives. Our caregivers work closely with each orangutan to provide individualized care, including medical treatment, enrichment activities, and socialization. We are committed to providing the best possible quality of life for all our residents.