Sponsor an Orangutan at Blossom's Animal Sanctuary

Transform an orangutan’s life and be a part of their journey towards healing and happiness. Sponsor now and embrace a special bond with our sanctuary residents.

Sponsor an orangutan

Sponsor an Orangutan

At Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary, we believe that every orangutan deserves the best possible care. By sponsoring an orangutan, you can help us provide food, medical care, and enrichment activities for one of our residents.

Here's How it Works

Choose an Orangutan to Sponsor

On this page, you can browse the profiles of our resident orangutans and learn about their individual stories and personalities. Once you’ve found an orangutan you’d like to sponsor, simply click the “Sponsor Now” button on their picture.

Choose Your Sponsorship Level

We offer several different sponsorship levels, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold, to suit your budget and interests. You can choose to make a monthly or one-time donation, and you’ll receive regular updates on your sponsored orangutan’s progress and wellbeing.

  • Bronze Sponsorship: $25/month
    Bronze sponsors receive a digital sponsorship certificate and regular email updates about their sponsored orangutan.
  • Silver Sponsorship: $50/month or $600/year
    Silver sponsors receive a digital sponsorship certificate, regular email updates, and a photo of their sponsored orangutan.
  • Gold Sponsorship: $100/month or $1200/year
    Gold sponsors receive a digital sponsorship certificate, regular email updates, a photo of their sponsored orangutan, and a personalized thank-you letter from the orangutan’s caregiver.

Make Your Donation

Once you’ve chosen your sponsorship level, you can make your donation securely through our website. Your donation will go directly towards the care of your sponsored orangutan and the other residents at Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary.