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News and Events

At Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary, we’re always working to improve the lives of our resident orangutans and advance our mission of conservation and animal welfare. Here’s a look at some of our recent news and events:

Sanctuary Welcomes New Orangutan Resident

We’re thrilled to welcome a new orangutan resident to Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary! Lila, a 5-year-old female orangutan, was rescued from a roadside zoo where she had been kept in a small enclosure. She’s now settling into her new home at the sanctuary, where she’ll receive the care and attention she deserves.

Fundraiser Raises $10,000 for Orangutan Conservation

We recently held a fundraiser to support orangutan conservation efforts in Borneo and Sumatra. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we raised over $10,000 to support the work of local conservation organizations in these critical habitats. We’re grateful for the support of our community in advancing our mission of conservation and animal welfare.

Sanctuary Participates in Orangutan Awareness Week

We recently participated in Orangutan Awareness Week, a global event to raise awareness about the threats facing orangutans and the importance of their conservation. We held educational events and activities at the sanctuary, including guided tours, educational talks, and a special art exhibit featuring orangutan-inspired artwork by local artists.

Resident Orangutan Celebrates Birthday

One of our beloved resident orangutans, Gede, recently celebrated his 10th birthday! We threw him a special birthday party, complete with enrichment activities, treats, and a special birthday cake. Gede is a much-loved member of the sanctuary community, and we’re thrilled to have him with us as he enters his second decade of life.

Blossom's Animal Sanctuary Featured in National Geographic Documentary

We’re excited to announce that Blossom’s Animal Sanctuary will be featured in an upcoming National Geographic documentary about orangutan conservation. The documentary will showcase our work to provide top-notch care to our resident orangutans and our efforts to advance the cause of orangutan conservation. Stay tuned for more information about the documentary’s release date.